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Do Electricians Install Air Conditioners in Australia

Do Electricians Install Air Conditioners in Australia

When summer time hits, and the mercury rises, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to invest in some form of cooling system. If you decide to go for an air conditioning unit, the best cooling option available, then it’s to do your research before making the purchase. Not just about which option is best for you, but also how to install it, who to call, and if there are any laws you need to follow.

It’s better to be sure what and how to do beforehand, otherwise, a lack of due diligence can lose you time and money

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Rules and Regulations of Air Conditioners in Queensland

Every home in Queensland is allowed to install an air conditioning unit, however, there are certain rules you must follow, specifically regarding noise pollution. Most modern-day air conditioning units operate relatively quietly, however, if your unit is old, or if it’s not working properly, then the unit can create a ruckus. 

Queensland’s AC noise rules are time-dependent. During the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 pm, the amount of noise your air conditioner can make is limited to 5 decibels above background noise. After 10 p.m., however, and up until 7 a.m., your unit can only produce up to 3 decibels above background noise. 

So when you’re investing in your air conditioner, be sure to know what its noise production levels are.

What are the consequences of breaking the rules?

The possible punishment depends on the severity of the infringement. What is most likely to happen is you will receive an on-the-spot fine payable within a certain time frame, and a notice demanding your unit is compliant to the rules.

Tips to ensure your Air Con is not breaking any rules

Woman Looking at Broken Air Conditioner Sitting on Couch
  • A good way of making sure your air-con is compliant with Queensland rules is by buying the unit in Queensland.
  • Thoroughly research the unit before buying 
  • Employ a professional to install it correctly 
  • Get a unit which is suitable for the space you need. Buying one too big can make more noise than necessary whilst buying one too small might not do the job you need it to.

Who is the person who installs air conditioners?

If you ask us, air con should be installed by a trained, qualified professional. When you’re dealing with live electricity, wiring, and expensive goods, you don’t want to take the risk just to save a few bucks. 

Whoever you choose, be sure they are a qualified professional who has received the necessary training and holds the necessary certificates to install your air conditioning unit. Experience is necessary to know how to install and operate it the right way, without causing any long-term damage. 

At the end of the day you’ve spent a lot of money on your new air conditioner so it would be a great shame for you to damage it by hiring someone not qualified to install it correctly. 

Can my electrician install my air-con unit?

The job of someone who installs and maintains air conditioners and the job of an electrician often coincide with various aspects being similar. However, the answer to this question all depends on whether your electrician is qualified to install an air conditioner or not. 

It’s possible that your electrician can install your air con, however, it’s up to you to be sure that they hold a refrigeration license issued by the Australian Insulation Council and that they have the correct insurance. If you do decide to have your unit installed by an electrician, remember your air con should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Electrician at Work

Can I install an Air Con myself?

Installing your air con yourself is a big risk, unless of course you have the necessary training to do so. With all the information available to us through the internet, it is possible to find step-by-step tutorials online which you can follow along, however, if you don’t have prior experience, one little mistake can cost you greatly. 

Firstly, there is a health hazard as you are dealing with live electricity and it is not worth taking that risk. Secondly, if you do manage to install the unit without any major issues, you might have installed it incorrectly which could completely ruin the unit. It’s also possible that you get it functioning and assume you’ve done it correctly, however further down the line you discover that you made a mistake which depletes your units functionality or even causes long-term, permanent damage. 

Given the time and money involved with air conditioners, we do not advise you to install it yourself, and even if you do employ an expert to correct your mistakes, remember that it is much more difficult to fix a fault than to do something correctly the first time. 


What is a split system unit?

There is great variety when shopping for an air con unit. However, when searching for a heating and cooling system, split systems are often considered to be the gold standard

Named because of their two vital systems, one which is usually installed high up on a ceiling in the room you want it in and is controlled with a remote control where you can choose the temperature, heating, cooling, fan, swing etc. The other unit is installed outdoors with a large fan which does most of the leg work.

Air Conditioning Unit Central Split System Hanging Outside the Building

These systems are generally the go-to system as they are energy efficient and effective in what they do. The added benefit of their popularity is it makes them easy to install, maintain and repair compared to less popular and more complex options.  

Which type of air con unit should I get?

Answering this question requires you to do some research. There are so many options on the market, so you should first decide on your criteria and ask yourself, what is my budget? How big is the space I want to cool? Which type of units can my home support? 

We recommend you to speak to professionals to cover all the fundamentals before going ahead, as you will realize you will have a plethora of options. Some of which include; ductless mini-split, central air conditioner, hybrid/dual fuel air conditioner, smart air conditioner, floor mounted air conditioner and many more.

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