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Articles on Air Conditioning and Electrical in Brisbane

Articles on air conditioning and all things electrical in Brisbane

a black and white dog sitting in front of a gas space heater

A Quick Guide to the Gas Space Heater: FAQs Answered

No matter the method you use, warming up your home is expensive. Still, a gas space heater is an economical option for beating the winter chills without breaking the bank. Besides, they are available in a variety of sizes and will fit the needs of any space. In this article, we will answer some of

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An array of solar panels on a roof of a house

Solar Powered Air Conditioners: Are They Worth It?

When it comes to solar photovoltaics (PV), Australia has the highest penetration of rooftop solar in the world.  Yes, that means that solar energy has gained a lot of traction among end users! With total power generation from rooftop solar close to 20 GW, using solar-powered air conditioning makes a lot of sense. Now, you

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What is HVAC zoning - 3 thermostats showing different temperature settings

What is HVAC Zoning [Costs, Benefits, FAQs]

Imagine setting the right indoor temperature that suits everyone. Honestly, that is as close to the definition of a near-impossible task as you can get. Each of us may have individual cooling and heating needs and there is no one comfortable indoor temperature for everyone. To make things worse, some areas in your room may

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A man is on a ladder trying to remove a ducted aircon filter in order to clean it

How to Clean Ducted Air Con Filter: A Quick 5-Step Guide

Here is an imaginary scenario. You switch on the AC on a summer day, but even after a few minutes, it doesn’t feel cold enough.  Sounds familiar? That can make you wonder – what’s wrong with my aircon? In theory, there can be several reasons for this, and one of the more common is the

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Surge Diverter

What is a surge diverter? 

Surge diverters play an important role in keeping your Brisbane home appliances safe from excess volts of energy. If an extra surge of energy occurs and a surge diverter is not installed, it can blow the motherboard of household appliances and goods such as desktop computers, game consoles, televisions, kettles, dishwashers etc. which can cause

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