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Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

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Installing Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioner is a system that can cool your entire home. The system has a central unit where the air is cooled. The cooled air is then distributed to rooms in the house through a series of ducts. The central unit of the air conditioner can be installed outside, in the ceiling or under the floor.

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Reasons why you should choose a ducted air conditioning system

Zoning and Control

With a ducted air conditioning system, you have the privilege to be in control. Besides allowing you to cool your entire home, a ducted air conditioner has an option to control the temperatures of an individual room. When you do not need cooling, you can turn the zones off to save on electricity.

This is why ducted air conditioning is of great importance to your family. Using a ducted air con system, someone can’t be freezing under the blankets in the bedroom while another is roaming with a pair of shorts in the living room. The homeowner has the privilege to set the preferred temperature in each room.


One of the leading advantages of ducted air conditioner is that it is not noticeable. The only visible thing is vents fitted in the ceiling. With a ducted system, your interior design planning will be trouble-free. It feels uncomfortable and unpleasant to have a huge box fitted on the wall. It can be daunting to have your preferred interior design when a sizable box is hanging on the wall. Ducted air conditioning is the best option for someone who doesn’t want equipment clutter in their rooms.

Saving Money and Efficiency

A ducted air conditioner is efficient and reduces the amount of your electricity bill. If you have a large home that may need numerous split systems, a ducted air conditioning system will be cheaper to install. The advantages of having a single system can’t be understated. It minimizes redundancy and helps maintain preferred temperature without having to spend extra pennies on energy.

The disadvantage of split systems is that they can only cool or heat one room at a time. It can be complicated and time-consuming to cool multiple rooms concurrently. It is also expensive to install a split air conditioning system in each room. 

Peaceful and Quiet

Wall and window unit air conditioning systems can be a nightmare due to constant vibrations. Numerous people can barely sleep because of the noise levels. If you are tired of living in a chaotic home, consider replacing the frustrating system with a ducted air conditioning system. Ducted air con is almost silent and will give you peace and quiet for the whole family.

Ducted air conditioning near you

We install and repair ducted air conditioners around Brisbane including:

  • Brookfield
  • Corinda
  • Forest Lake
  • Graceville
  • Indooroopilly
  • Kenmore
  • Middle Park
  • Mount Ommaney
  • Oxley
  • Salisbury
  • Sherwood
  • St Lucia

FAQ about ducted air conditioning in Brisbane

Turning on your air conditioning early in the morning can help you save money because it will operate at its peak efficiency until midday. Most people believe they need to wait until midday before turning their system on but this works against them instead!

Assuming your ducted air conditioning system is the correct size for your home, your air con should cool your house in a 15-20 minute cycle. If it's a particularly hot or humid day, it will likely need to run longer to reach your desired temperature.

The most important regular maintenance your ducted air conditioning system needs is filter cleaning. If you don't clean the filters often enough or when the message alert tells you to, then it will lead to problems with performance and overheating which could cause major issues.
Staying on top of this basic task ensures longevity for all components involved.

The thermostat should be set somewhere between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius. For every single degree that you can do without cooling, it saves on your power bill! So avoid setting the temperature too cold in the summertime.

Everyones home or business is different and requirements for each installation are different, your friendly installer will be able to advise you on the day.

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