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Air Conditioning Repair Brisbane

Our qualified and experienced air conditioning technicians repair and service all popular aircon brands

Air conditioning repairs Brisbane

We’re a qualified team of specialists to call for your air conditioning needs repair. We offer quality emergency repairs as well preventative upkeep and can diagnose anything from a simple filter change right up through major upgrades like new heat pumps or re-gassing.

And we’re comfortable working with and installing various kinds of air conditioning such as:

Here’s how to get the best air conditioning & electrical specialist in Brisbane ...

…talk to the team at BG Electrical & Air Con first. They are qualified electricians and air conditioning experts with years of experience fitting, installing and repairing in Brisbane homes just like yours. The BG team are super friendly and down to earth, they’ll happily chat with you until all your questions are answered.

Our air con repair technicians are fully certified and licensed electricians

Our professional technicians continue with ongoing training to ensure they are always up to date with the latest wide range of fault-finding techniques. We also provide a 12-month guarantee on all workmanship and every air conditioner repair that we complete.

What else do we offer you?

Aside from a guarantee that any technician you hire from us is well qualified with the latest training, we can assure deep attention to detail and many years of experience to match. This helps our electrical services experts to provide you with the very best solutions to all your air conditioning problems, at a year-round cost-effective rate.

Aside from air conditioning repairs and installations, we also install and repair ceiling fans and general master electrician work. Contact an air conditioning professional technician today for a prompt quote.

The Benefits Of Air Conditioning

The benefits of air conditioning in a sub-tropical climate such as Brisbane’s go well beyond ‘keeping cool’. By getting your air conditioning repaired or serviced will benefit you more than just keeping you cool during those hot days. Air conditioning helps by:

  • Reducing the number of allergens in your home, therefore reducing the effects of asthma and other allergy-related illnesses.

  • Reduce your bill! That’s right – a well maintained air con will run much more efficiently than one that has not been serviced for a while and your power consumption is likely to reduce! 

  • Reducing the number of insects in your home by creating an undesirable climate for them by keeping the air cool.

  • Improving your sleep quality. It’s been shown that cool air improves your sleep quality, and sets you up with a better mood for the day!

Let our efficient team start work on your air conditioning repair today and start reaping these benefits, and many more!

If you don’t have an air con system, we also do efficient installations for your home and business. So whether you’d like a ducted air conditioner, split system air conditioner, or any other type of air conditioner, we’ve got you covered.

Air conditioner maintenance near you

We repair air conditioners around Brisbane including:

    • Brookfield
    • Corinda
    • Forest Lake
    • Graceville
    • Indooroopilly
    • Kenmore
    • Middle Park
    • Mount Ommaney
    • Oxley
    • Salisbury
    • Sherwood
    • St Lucia

Aircon repair tips for residential and commercial customers in Brisbane

Here are a few things you can try yourself before you call for a local technician, to save on your air conditioner repair:

      • Reset the installed air conditioning system (sometimes it could just be a small fault, try resetting the system at the breaker for 5 mins and turn it back on and see how it goes).
      • Clean your filtersa blocked or dirty filter is one of the most common faults of an air conditioning system. Full air conditioning repairs are rarely required.
      • Write down the Model number of the outdoor machine and what fault code is coming up on your controller. It may just be an easy fix.
      • Give us a call to discuss what the problem may be. If air conditioning professional repairs are required, we’ll be able to tell you.


There are many reasons an air conditioning system may need repairing:

What air con brands do we repair in Brisbane?

At BG Electrical we only send out fully qualified air conditioning technicians, with many years of experience in the industry. We’re happy to work on split system air conditioning, ducted air conditioning, and other kinds of systems. We specialise in the following brand repairs and will not walk away from the job until we are confident of your air conditioning problem.

    • Actron repairs
    • Daikin repairs
    • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries repairs
    • LG air conditioner repairs
    • Mitsubishi Electric repairs
    • and many many more! 

Here’s how to get the best air conditioning & electrical specialist in Brisbane ...

…talk to the team at BG Electrical & Air Con first. They are qualified electricians and air conditioning experts with years of experience fitting, installing and repairing in Brisbane homes just like yours. The BG team are super friendly and down to earth, they’ll happily chat with you until all your questions are answered.

What happens if my air conditioning is not wroth repairing?

If, on the rare occasion, we find air conditioning repairs just won’t do it, your air conditioning system might be very old or need multiple major parts. Our team of technicians will advise you of this and provide a quote to supply and install a new air-con system.

Air con maintenance

Regular air conditioner servicing is recommended to keep your air-con system clean and running efficiently. Your system may seem to be working well at the time, but during extremes is when a system can malfunction, regular maintenance, can help prevent this from happening. This means you save on the expense of air conditioning repairs.

If you keep up regular upkeep of your aircon you’ll not only save on the cost of your electricity bill but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of your system working as efficiently as it can, prolonging the life of the system.

Air conditioning systems are NOT maintenance free

Just like our cars, air conditioning systems require regular attention with proper servicing. You have made a substantial investment in your system, and regular air conditioning servicing will protect this. If you look after your air conditioner system you can enjoy climate-controlled comfort for years to come.

Air conditioner warranty, things to watch out for

Air conditioner manufacturers will state in their warranty card what the owner’s responsibilities are. These can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our year-round air conditioning service will cover this as well as other items that we believe can be troublesome if not maintained, such as:

  • Mould & bacteria that builds up in an unmaintained air conditioning system, causing unpleasant smells as well as health issues.

  • Condensate drains which become blocked with dust picked up from the air conditioning system, and when mixed with water can form a ‘cloggy’ mass in the drain and block it.

  • Blocked filters: filters that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis can have numerous effects on your air conditioner. Dust particles can loosen and get into the coil requiring a thorough coil clean or in some cases can cause the system to malfunction; this will not be covered by warranty if still in the warranty period.

  • Leaves and debris that build up around the outdoor unit which can block airflow around your air conditioning system. This can cause the system to not only run inefficiently but could also cause the system to malfunction; this will not be covered by the warranty if still in the warranty period.

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What to consider when purchasing a new air con system

When air conditioning repair is not possible or not worth it, we can help you choose the best system for you. While there are a lot of brands to choose from, you’ll get all the information you need from your contact with our team. We’ll keep in mind:

  • Your budget. This is of utmost importance to us! We’ll do everything in our power to provide you with a quality air conditioning unit at an affordable cost to you, year-round.

  • The features unique to the unit. While retaining cost-effective services, we’ll make sure that your air conditioner has a range of features suited to your needs. Some can even heat your home, so we’d love to know if you might want a unit like this!

  • The warranty. Every manufacturer has different warranty lengths and policies, so we’ll be sure to keep this in mind if this is important to you.

  • Anything else you mention to us. And our team is just a call away. If electricity costs are a concern to you, we’ll make sure to install only the most energy-efficient unit.

Subtle (and not so subtle) signs you may need to call us

Air conditioning systems show symptoms of being faulty well before they stop working entirely. You just have to know them. Our Brisbane air conditioning specialists are well-versed in understanding the symptoms and diagnosing the problems. Call us if:

  • You’re paying more for electricity and don’t understand why. Airflow issues can cause you to have to raise the air conditioning’s pressure, without realizing that there’s an underlying problem. Help us help you get your air conditioning back to energy-efficient.

  • Your installed air conditioning is releasing inappropriate temperatures. Air conditioning units shouldn’t be “tricky”. If your unit is releasing warm air, call our Brisbane air conditioning team. We’d be happy to help.

  • Your installed air con is making new noises. This isn’t okay, and it isn’t just a sign of aging. Although humans make “new noises” as they age, this shouldn’t be the case for air conditioning units.

Our Brisbane team is well able to fix all of these problems, and more using creative and up-to-date solutions and techniques. Contact us today for prompt servicing, air conditioner repair, air conditioning installation, and for a range of different air conditioning services.

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