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Ceiling Fan Installation Brisbane

Our qualified and experienced electricians supply and install ceiling fans around Brisbane

Ceiling fans are cost-effective

And a great way to keep your home, office or outdoor living area cool in the summer. Another advantage of installing a ceiling fan is that you don’t have to run your air conditioner as often, saving money on those power bills. At BG Electrical & Air Con, we install indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. Outdoor ceiling fans are helpful to keep your patio area comfortable and cool in the summer months.

Under Australian Law, your fan must be installed by a qualified electrician.

BG Electrical & Air Con offer a wide range of electrical services, including ceiling fan installation, repairs, and other electrical and air conditioning works.

Our team have installed thousands of ceiling fans around Brisbane, so we know what we are doing. We will ensure the safe and correct installation of your ceiling fan. 

Did you know that if the fan rotates in the wrong direction, then the ceiling fan’s benefits are seriously curtailed? This is why you need one of the BG Electrical & Air Con team to install your ceiling fan for you.

Here’s how to get the best air conditioning & electrical specialist in Brisbane ...

…talk to the team at BG Electrical & Air Con first. They are qualified electricians and air conditioning experts with years of experience fitting, installing and repairing in Brisbane homes just like yours. The BG team are super friendly and down to earth, they’ll happily chat with you until all your questions are answered.

Benefits of installing ceiling fans in hot and humid Brisbane

Ceiling fans have several benefits that make installing them worthwhile.

    • Ceiling fans are effective: a ceiling fan affects the temperature by making the room up to four degrees cooler.

    • Ceiling fans are complimentary: Installing a ceiling fan in your home or business is great for making your air conditioning unit more efficient. And it costs far less money than turning the thermostat on your air conditioner down.

    • A ceiling fan is cheap to run: ceiling fans use very little electricity, making them highly cost-efficient and affordable.

    • A ceiling fan installation is good for the environment: ceiling fans are great for the environment because they use so little electricity and are very energy efficient.

    • Ceiling fans are great in the winter, too: all you need to do to turn your ceiling fan from an excellent cooling device to a superb heating device is to change the direction of rotation. For most fans, it is counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter. Your fan will go from blowing cool air to warm air.

    • Ceiling fans take up less room than floor fans: a ceiling fan takes up no floor space because they go on the ceiling. There will be no wires on the floor as all ceiling fan wires are hidden behind walls and ceiling. You can say good-bye to tripping hazards. 

Ceiling fans vs. air conditioners

It can be tricky to decide whether you want to make use of our electrical services for the installation of a ceiling fan or air con. Or whether you want to install a split-system/ducted or another type of air conditioner


In a climate such as Brisbane’s, the honest answer is you will benefit from having both

However, there are many advantages that ceiling fans have over air conditioners. You may still want to install one instead for these reasons:

  • Ceiling fans often present better interior design options, colours and materials. Ceiling fans are often much better looking and have a better range than air conditioners units.

  • Ceiling fans are lower maintenance. Air conditioners require regular maintenance and filter replacement, whereas ceiling fans can go on for a year without needing to be serviced. Occasional cleaning may be necessary though.

  • Air conditioners can trigger allergies in some people, and so if you’re one of these unlucky few, then you may want to use a ceiling fan instead.

  • Ceiling fans are a much cheaper investment and are cheaper to run. Air conditioners are great as a long-term investment. But if you anticipate that you’ll be moving your home or business soon, then you can lower costs by buying a quality ceiling fan instead.

As you can see, there are many benefits of ceiling fan installations. Contact us today for our electrical services and a quote on ceiling fan installation. We’ll also respond to any asked questions.

There are different types of ceiling fans

Did you know that there are quite a few different kinds of ceiling fans? Your choice depends on your budget, aesthetic requirements, and cooling needs.


  • A standard ceiling fan: this is a usual choice as it’s affordable and comes in a wide range of colors and styles. These come with and without lights.

  • A smart ceiling fan: these are quite similar to the standard type, except, they have the added bonus of remote control. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can adjust the speed and turn the light on and off (if you have one with a light).

  • An outdoor-type ceiling fan: Designed specifically to be able to cope with outdoor conditions, these are ideal for this Brisbane heat.

  • A commercial ceiling fan: these are best in large areas such as gyms. They are very big and offer great ventilation.

  • A low-profile ceiling fan: This is best if the room doesn’t have a lot of headroom. These kinds of fans are affixed up close to the ceiling.

  • An Energy Star ceiling fan: Having 40% more energy efficiency than a standard ceiling fan. This is a great option for the environmentally conscious person.

As you can see, there are a lot of options. You need to take into consideration the warranty, costs, the location (whether you’re looking for a fan for an office or home setting), and your preferred style.

Can’t decide? Contact us for more details – we are happy to help with your decision-making process if you struggle to choose. Our fan installation experts are well-equipped to answer all your questions and concerns.

Ceiling fans near you

We install and repair ceiling fans around Brisbane including:

  • Brookfield
  • Corinda
  • Forest Lake
  • Graceville
  • Indooroopilly
  • Kenmore
  • Middle Park
  • Mount Ommaney
  • Oxley
  • Salisbury
  • Sherwood
  • St Lucia

Top ranking ceiling fan electricians in Brisbane

For all your ceiling fan installation needs, give us a call. We have a large team of qualified accredited Electricians across the wider Brisbane area, and we will have your ceiling fan up and running in no time. No matter where you are in Brisbane, one of the BG Electrical & Air Con team will be there right away, with a van stocked with everything needed to get your ceiling fan installed quickly.

 We work year-round, ensuring that your installation job is done with speed and perfection. 

Common ceiling fan checks or repairs can include:

If your ceiling fan isn’t performing as it should, contact BG Electrical & Air Con for expert advice. We can repair or service your ceiling fan quickly and easily.  

    • changing a switch or ceiling fan capacitor
    • replacing a fan chain
    • repairing wiring issues in the fan
    • checking the power supply to the ceiling fan

Here’s how to get the best air conditioning & electrical specialist in Brisbane ...

…talk to the team at BG Electrical & Air Con first. They are qualified electricians and air conditioning experts with years of experience fitting, installing and repairing in Brisbane homes just like yours. The BG team are super friendly and down to earth, they’ll happily chat with you until all your questions are answered.

Supply and install ceiling fans in Brisbane

BG Electrical & Air Con can supply and install:

    • ceiling fans
    • ceiling fans with a centre light
    • install ceiling fans you have already purchased.

Why BG Electrical & Air Con is the best installation or repair team for your ceiling fan 

BG Electrical & Air Con is locally owned and operated from Seventeen Mile Rocks, South Brisbane. BG Electrical & Air Con reign supreme through our dedication and passion for customer experience and reliable and prompt solutions. We are experts in ceiling fans and air conditioners. We do local installations, maintenance, servicing, and repairs.

We value our customers and take pride in our work and cleanliness. We always ensure your property is well cared for, and no mess is left behind. Our year-round speedy ceiling fan installations are just a free quote away.

BG Electrical & Air Con can help you on time, on budget, and with a smile! Contact BG Electrical & Air Con on 0434 288 108 today for fast and professional ceiling fan installation and maintenance in Brisbane, as well as other professional electrical work.

We’ll get the job done in no time.

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