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Air Conditioning Installation, Service & Repair Moorooka

Why put up with Brisbane’s toastie summer or chill winter mornings when there’s an effective way to climate control your house or commercial building? BG Electrical & Air Con can assist you with the best air conditioning solution for your Moorooka home as well as other Brisbane locations- whether it’s a classic Queenslander, a post-war house, or a contemporary apartment, we’ve got you covered. 

Our air conditioning specialists can install a system that will give you cooling relief in summer and warmth in winter for your Moorooka residence or business at reasonable and competitive price.

Split System Air conditioning Brisbane

Your local Moorooka Air Con Installation Technician

Our Moorooka team of licensed electricians and air conditioning installers is ready to bring your house or commercial property some cooling relief on those hot Brisbane summer days. Our attention to detail, many years of experience in the air conditioning industry and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned us many positive reviews and a reputation as the top choice in split system installation and ducted system installations for Moorooka and surrounding areas.

Our team of qualified air-con technicians is fully licensed and insured. We can install all types of air conditioning, be it a simple one-room split system air conditioner or a multi-level ducted air conditioning system.

Our professional team provides excellent air conditioning service no matter how big or small the job.

We service Moorooka and surrounding areas, including:

Moorooka 4105 Air Conditioning Brands

Whether you’re looking for wall-mounted split system air conditioning or a ducted air conditioning system for your Moorooka property, you can have peace of mind that you’re in great hands. At BG Electrical & Air Co, we can install and service the most reliable air conditioning brands, including:



Mitsubishi Electric


… and many other outstanding brands! 

We only ever use the highest quality parts and materials and we recommend the most energy-efficient air conditioning units to keep your power bills as low as possible.

Pros of Air Con Installation in Moorooka

The benefits of air conditioning in a sub-tropical weather such as Brisbane’s go well beyond ‘keeping cool’ – and let’s face it, that alone is a fantastic benefit. 

Air conditioning helps by:

  • Improving your sleep quality. It’s been shown that cool air improves your sleep quality, and sets you up with a better mood for the day!
  • Providing warmth in winter: Mornings in Brisbane often greet residents with temperatures below 10 degrees, making it challenging to emerge from under the covers. A comfortably heated home can make a significant difference.
  • Reducing the number of allergens in your home, therefore reducing the effects of asthma and other allergy-related illnesses.
  • Reducing the number of insects in your home! Summer is the perfect time for mozzies and flies to breed and multiply. By creating an undesirable climate for them by keeping the air cool, you can reduce the number of unwanted visitors inside your Moorooka home.

Moorooka Split System Air Con

Split system air conditioning is one of the most common air con fitting services we provide at BG Electrical & Air Con. It’s easy to understand why.

Split systems present a more budget-friendly option when compared to ducted air conditioners. Their versatility shines through as they seamlessly fit into virtually any room. In compact residences, the installation of one or two split systems can make a substantial difference.

You have the flexibility to select either a wall-mounted or floor-standing split system and place it wherever you prefer within your home. The advantage of individual systems lies in the ability to tailor them as needed, guaranteeing the optimal room temperature.

With the added benefit of reverse cycle air con, they can also provide heat in winter. They are great value for money.

Ducted Air Con System Moorooka

A ducted air con system can cool your entire Moorooka home with one piece of equipment and various ducts.

The ducted air conditioning equipment has a central unit where the air is cooled (or heated, in winter). The cooled or heated air gets to different locations in the house through a network of ducts. The central unit of the air conditioner is often strategically placed out of sight as it can be installed outside, in the ceiling, or under the floorboards – which is a common choice for high-set homes.

While the initial investment is higher compared to a single split system unit, a ducted air con system is a superior option for cooling or heating rooms in both your home and office. They work much more effectively than a standard split-system unit. With a system like this, you have the option of making each room as temperature controlled as the last, reducing the need to congregate in a single air-conditioned room during hot days.

While ducted systems can cool or warm up an entire building, you can actually have the privilege of being able to control each room individually. If no one is using a certain room, you can turn certain zones off to save on electricity.

Ducted air con systems are a better value for money alternative for when your premises would require multiple split systems units to control the temperature efficiently.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Moorooka

Similar to our cars, our air conditioning systems, whether of the split system or ducted variety, can have a long lifespan – up to decades – given proper servicing and maintenance. A properly maintained air conditioning unit operates with heightened efficiency, potentially saving your power costs.

At BG Electrical & Air Con, we provide air conditioning service, repair and maintenance. We can service any air conditioning brand, including those installed by other suppliers. 

Other services we offer in Moorooka 4105

As a fully licensed electrician, we can do any type of electrical work in Moorooka and other Brisbane areas. That includes:

… and more. Contact us to discuss your electrical needs and get a free quote. 

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