For all your ceiling fan installation needs give us a call. We have a large number of qualified accredited Electricians across the wider Brisbane area and we will have your ceiling fan up and running in no time. Beat the heat this summer and keep it cheap with a ceiling fan. No matter where you are in Brisbane one of the team here at BG Electrical will be there right away, with a van stocked with everything needed to get your fan installed in a flash.

It is illegal for an unqualified person to install or wire any electrical appliance, so if you want to get a ceiling fan installed, then you need to have a qualified electrician come and do the work, it is that simple.

If you do the work yourself, there is no way to get retrospective approval, even if the work has been done to standard. Also, you risk voiding your insurance and making your home difficult to sell. Don’t put yourself , your family and your home at risk, get a qualified technician to install your ceiling fan. It is not worth the consequences.

Our team have installed literally thousands of fans, they really know what they are doing. They will ensure that your fan has been installed safely and they will ensure that it has been installed properly. Did you know that if the fan is rotating in the wrong direction, then the benefits a ceiling fan provides are seriously curtailed? This is why you need one of the BG Electrical Team to install your fan for you.

Benefits of installing ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have a number of benefits that make installing them worthwhile.

  • Effective: a ceiling fan can make the room four degrees cooler.
  • Complimentary: ceiling fans are great for making your air conditioning unit more efficient, and for far less money than turning the thermostat on your air conditioner down.
  • Cheap to run: ceiling fans use very little electricity, making them extremely cost efficient.
  • Good for the environment: because they use so little electricity, ceiling fans are great for the environment.
  • Great in the winter too: all you need to do to turn your ceiling fan from a wonderful cooling device to a superb heating device is to change the direction of rotation. For most fans, it is counter clockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter.
  • Take up less room than floor fans: because they go on the ceiling, a ceiling fan takes up no room.

Supply and install ceiling fans

So take the hassle out of getting ceiling fans and let BG Electrical supply and install your ceiling fans.