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Why It’s Important To Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced Yearly

You’ve been told you need to get your air conditioner serviced every year, but have you ever wondered why?

What are some of the benefits of getting your air con serviced every year?

  1. Increased Performance = Less Power Consumption = You guessed it, Save money on your power bills! When your air conditioner is functioning the most efficiently it can, it uses less power. Think of a person who exercises and looks after their body with nutrition and self care, compared to someone who doesn’t do any of this. The person whom isn’t taking care of themselves needs to expend much more of their energy to do simple tasks, and run down much sooner than the person who is looking after themselves. In the long run, the person whom isn’t caring for themselves is more likely to end up in the hospital (in the case of an air conditioner needing replacing)
  2. Longevity of your air con – the better you care for your air conditioner the longer it will last. We ensure everything is performing to it’s ultimate capability.
  3. Eliminating mould & bacteria – Did you know in serious cases, not getting your air conditioner serviced can lead to legionaries? Scary stuff right?! & Who wants to be breathing in mould anyway? That stuff alone can be harmful for ourselves, our children and our pets.
  4. Fault Finding – We get to any issues before they become serious problems and leave your air conditioner needing replacement
  5. We Make Sure no Creatures are Residing in your AC – Having a Gecko, Snake (as seen in photo above from one of our jobs), or other creature take residency in your air con and cause damage to your system is not covered by warranty, in your service we check for and remove any infestation to eliminate the probability of this happening.
  6. When you get your AC Serviced by us each year you get an Extended Warranty! Woohoo – Did you know most air conditioning installers in Brisbane only give a 12 month warranty on their installation? This includes most things outside of the manufacturers warranty including wiring, cables, gas etc. At BG Electrical and Air Con we offer all our customers 5 year warranty to match the manufacturers warranty as we are that confident in our work. All you need to do to ensure you meet our criteria for warranting the 5 years is to get your air conditioner serviced by us each year so we know it is well looked after.

Whats included in a Minor Air Conditioning Service? (Split System)

  • We eliminate bacteria with a specific spray
  • We Flush the indoor Unit
  • We flush the Outdoor Unit
  • We Check the Running Current
  • We Check the Compressor Motor
  • We Check the Refridgerant
  • We Inspect for Possible Vermin Ingress
  • We Ensure your Air Conditioner is Functioning as Efficiently as Possible

Whats included in a Major Air Conditioning Service? (Split System)

Everything above plus a high pressure clean of the indoor and outdoor unit.

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