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It’s Time to Invest in Solar Power in Brisbane

In the last 20 years the way that we live, and especially the way in which we consume energy has drastically changed. Our lives have become perpetually connected. The internet, smart devices, and other technologies have forever changed our energy requirements

With the rise in energy consumption has come the rise in the cost of energy, leading to the need for new, innovative, environmentally friendly, and economic ways to generate energy for homes and small businesses. One way in which we can not only change our carbon footprint, but reduce our reliance on the central grid is through the use of private solar power in Brisbane.

Is a Solar Power Installation Right for Me?

The sun provides the most abundant source of energy that the world will ever see, so why is it that we grossly underuse the solar energy that is so readily available?

In the past it was not easy or even feasible for homes and businesses to capture and make use of solar energy, but modern advancements in technology have changed that. In 2014 there is no good excuse for not making use of Solar Power in Brisbane.

A solar powered installation using high quality solar panels and battery storage will usually pay for itself in energy savings in as little as 5 years. With Australia’s Solar Credits Scheme you’re entitled to a significant rebate on your installation costs, and any excess energy generated can be sold back to the grid in line with the state tariff schemes. There’s no better time than now to install solar power.

The cost savings aren’t just made upon installation, but on your actual energy consumption. Solar panels aren’t subject to fluctuations in the market price of electricity. Even if you’re unable to completely remove your reliance on the grid your solar panel installation could still dramatically reduce your utility costs. Imagine that you could provide up to 70% of your energy needs from a solar power installation during the sunshine months. This would be a constant, reliable, and predictable energy source. With a battery storage system you will also have excess power harvested when you’re not using electricity. That means no more brownouts and power disruptions.

As an additional incentive, a solar panel installation will increase the value of a building, especially a private dwelling. The rebate incentives from excess generation alone provide significant leverage when selling a home.

A Solar Power Installation Reduces Your Environmental Impact

There have been four new coal fired base stations opened in Brisbane since 2001. Coal fired power generators produce harmful CO2 emissions and release other pollutants like mercury in to the atmosphere. Installing a solar panel solution on your home in Brisbane reduces your reliance on dirty energy. As more people adopt clean solar energy for their homes and businesses, our dependence on coal and the pollution it engenders will also diminish.

The question is not why should you install solar power, but why shouldn’t you? The financial benefits, convenience, power supply redundancy, and reduced environmental footprint provide the most compelling argument for a solar powered installation in your home in Brisbane today.

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