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Start Using Renewable Energy with Our Solar Panel Installation

With electric bills soaring out of control today, people all across Australia are turning to renewable solar energy. Solar energy systems often consist of photovoltaic panels that collect radiation from the sun. This radiation is converted into usable direct current for use in a house or commercial building. Our professionals at BG Electrical understand the proper equipment that goes into solar panel installations and the best way to align it on your property so you receive the best results.

However, before they can install a system on your property, they will need to assess your location for viability. Is your roof facing the right direction to absorb the highest amount of the sun’s rays or is there a ground location that will work better? This question is just one that our professionals will answer through their assessment.

Our pros also will determine what size of system is appropriate for the amount of solar power you would like it to produce. This may involve an energy audit among other types of analysis. The size of the system will determine how many panels that our professionals will need to install. Panels are only part of the installation process, though, as this process also includes wiring, and other accessories to ensure the system works properly.

Luckily, our company does not provide just one choice when it comes to solar energy systems. We carry a number of different brands that allow us to better design a system to fit your budget. Our company does have base prices from which to start when calculating the cost of a solar energy system. These prices are below:

We deduct any government rebates you qualify for from these prices. These rebates will lessen the overall cost of both the supplies and installation process. However, prices could change according to your particular location and specific installation requirements.

If you want to join others in using renewable energy, call our company today to see what we have to offer you in solar panel installations. This is an effective way to lower your traditional electric bill and carbon footprint on the world. Once we install your system, you will quickly realize the benefits of turning to the power of the sun!

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