Smoke Alarms Save Lives

A smoke alarm is a device that can detect smoke early if a fire was to occur in your house. They can reduce the risk of death in a fire by over half, but you need to ensure the alarm is working correctly, installed correctly and properly maintained. BG Electrical’s team of qualified electricians have the experience and knowledge to maintain and install your smoke alarms.

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Types of Smoke Alarms

Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Ionization smoke alarms ‘feel’ the smoke. These alarms detect invisible combustion particles and activate quickly. Ionization alarms are good at detecting fast flaming fires with little visible smoke. This type of alarm is less prone to false alarms due to dust and steam but can be triggered easily if placed too close to cooking.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric smoke alarms ‘see’ the smoke. These alarms detect visible particles of combustion. Photoelectric alarms are particularly responsive to smouldering fires which give off a lot of smoke. This style of smoke alarm must be cleaned regularly to ensure correct function and to avoid false alarms.

Which Smoke Alarm should you use?

Queensland Fire and Rescue strongly recommends the use of phot electric smoke alarms. As across the range of fires they provide the best protection. If you are installing more than one smoke alarm in your home a mix of both is advised. Connecting all your smoke alarms together is the most efficient as all will sound when one sounds giving the mose possible warning that there is danger.