There are a number of reasons you would want your mains power upgraded, including the installation of ducted air conditioning, the use of large equipment such as printing presses or high end audio visual equipment, the addition of a new block or wing to a building or the renovation of an older building.

A mains power upgrade will provide you with a consistent, reliable and quantifiable power source. Any mains power upgrade should be installed by a qualified electrician, as it is illegal in Queensland for anyone else to carry out electrical work of this nature. Not only is it dangerous, but because it is illegal you risk voiding your insurance and making the premises harder to sell.

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If you have high drain devices or sensitive electrical equipment that you want to protect then you should get a mains power upgrade installed to ensure you have all the power you want, and no more. There is no point in risking your expensive equipment or having to work with underpowered gear, so get in touch with us and we will come and ensure that your power supply is adequate and safe.