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Get Your Old Electrical System Upgraded By Expert Electricians in Sherwood

Owning and living in a vintage, stately home can be a real treasure in this time and age. It can also be a “ticking bomb” that’s ready to go anytime with its outdated electrical system. You may hate to tear down those well-made walls that withstood many long years of wear and tear, but it may be hiding old, faulty wiring that’s a leading cause of house fires.

Upgrading the electrical system of an old home is a must, but it isn’t a job for a novice. It is a job for the professional electricians in Sherwood has to offer. These professionals understand how electrical systems have evolved over the past decades. For instance, three decades ago, a 60-amp electrical service would have sufficed in an average home. Years later, an average home has grown to require 100-amp electrical service, so that a fuse panel with two fuse blocks has to be upgraded to a circuit breaker.

These days, with so many electrical appliances and devices, a home must be fitted with a 200-amp electrical service and an incredible distribution panel that can support about 30-40 circuits and 40 fifteen-amp circuit breakers. Beautiful as it is, your old home’s electrical system is ill-equipped to handle and meet your domestic power requirement. The air conditioning alone may require power higher than what an average home may require 30 years ago.

If you are installing these cooling systems, make sure to use the services of experts in air conditioning in Sherwood. Nothing can make you sleep better in your beautiful, vintage home than with the knowledge that you have an upgraded electrical system installed by professionals.

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