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Electricians in Raceview Recommend Keeping a Well Maintained Air Conditioning Unit

Though winter is round the corner, and you no longer need your air conditioning system, you still need to take care for it. It has to be properly covered and maintained during the cold season so that you don’t have any issues to worry about later on.

Buy a strong cover which can withstand the harsh weather and keep out debris, wind, water and pests. By covering your air conditioning unit in Raceview, you help extend its life and prevent its coils and other internal parts from getting prematurely worn out.

Choose The Right Cover

Choose a cover which is the right size for your unit; so measure your unit before you go shopping for your cover. Choose covers made of breathable and sturdy material, is waterproof and is a color that does not absorb too many sun’s rays.

Remember that though your air conditioning unit is covered, you need to have it cleaned and serviced during the colder months, preferably with the arrival of spring. Choose and hire the right electrician in Raceview who can provide you with regular maintenance and service of your AC unit.

Switch Off Your Air Conditioning Unit

It’s better to turn off the power to the air conditioning unit by turning off the circuit breaker to the unit when it is covered. This is because as you may forget the unit is covered and accidently turn it on when the cover is still on to lead to irreparable damage.

With these tips, your air conditioning unit will be well-maintained and ready for use once again once the cold season is over!

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